What is ThermaFreeze

IMG_4310lowresThermaFreeze ice sheets are a new and superior way to keep items cool -

whether you are shipping them or storing them. The system relies on gel cells that expand when you soak the sheets in water. Once the cells have been hydrated, you can freeze the sheets and have flexible, lightweight and drip free cooling.

It is unique in that it is flexible when frozen, so it fits the curvature of the product being chilled or the body part needing relief. Offering a refrigeration temperature far superior to traditional gel pack products, does not leak and is eco friendly.

ThermaFreeze helps keep payloads within a designated critical temperature range over a specified transit time. It provides more even cooling and substantially reduces the carbon footprint with a substantial reduction of inbound freight cost.

ThermaFreeze is manufactured in flat dry sheets that only expand when hydrated. Before the sheets are hydrated they are approximately the size and weight of paper, allowing them to be stored more efficiently, freeing up valuable storage space.

ThermaFreeze ice sheets are great for cooler boxes and lunch boxes for keeping food and cool drinks cold for school, work, camping or picnics.

ThermaFreeze is an alternative to ice, dry ice, ice bricks and gel packs.

Easy to use:

Hydrating ThermaFreeze ice sheets is a simple process, and it can be done in either a sink or container.  Soak the sheet in water and massage the cells, using warm water can speed up the process. Once the ice sheets are hydrated,  pat dry and then freeze them.  Freezing time will vary depending on the power and the contents of your freezer. For best performance, allow the ice sheets to freeze overnight.





 Preparation Instructions: Hydrate, Dry then Freeze.


Perfect substitute for:

  • Ice
  • Ice bricks
  • Dry ice
  • Gel packs