500 Sheets

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500 x single sheets. Sheet Size: 6 x 4 cells and 38cm x 25cm.

Product Information

ThermaFreeze – is a unique patented reusable ice sheet that provides longer cooling time than ice, ice bricks and conventional gel packs.

Benefits include:

  • Reusable
  • Can be cut to size
  • Flexible when frozen (wraps around items)
  • Last longer than ice, ice bricks and gel packs
  • It can be stored efficiently freeing up space
  • Dry to the touch and does not leak water when thawed
  • Can be heated in the microwave and used as a hot pack or to keep items warm
  • Non Toxic!

ThermaFreeze ice sheets can be used for many different applications including:

Consumer Application:

  • Camping / picnics / outdoor / fishing / cooler boxes / lunch boxes
  • Medication (insulin) protection
  • Cold press / hot press for injuries and post surgery
  • Personal shipping of gifts
  • Hunting (game meet shipping and protection)

Catering, Food, Travel and Entertainment Application:

  • Airline and hotel industry (replace dry ice and use on buffet lines)
  • Home food deliveries (replace the use of dry ice)
  • Shipping of perishable goods
  • Keeping food and beverages cold

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Veterinary Application:

  • Shipping of perishable goods, samples and vaccines
  • Cold pack and hot pack for injuries and physiotherapy
  • Post-op pain and swelling relief after surgery
  • General hospital applications
  • Equine (Cold compress)

Easy to use:

  • Hydrate the sheet in water for a few minutes until the cells are full
  • Place in a freezer for a few hours (overnight is best)
  • OR heat the ice sheet in a microwave at 30 second intervals to use as a hot pack

Perfect substitute for:

  • Ice
  • Ice bricks
  • Dry ice
  • Gel packs